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Prime Muvyn

$30/mo or $360/yr (less than $1/day) and receive a $100 credit** towards your next move!

  • - $30 / 1 Month
    - $360 / 1 Year

What does this get you?

You and your clients get your moves set up in as little as 2 days*! Muvyn will handle the arrangements so you and your clients can focus on the closing, new jobs, new schools for the kids and everything that comes with moving!

Benefits of Prime Muvyn?

Muvyn will research movers based on ratings and reviews as well as pricing and present them to you and your client.

  • No more waiting on hold for shippers.
  • No more making call after to call to find local moving.
  • No more stress about the move for you and your client!

Are you a real estate professional?

Just like you get a commission as a realtor, you get a commission on the move as well! From 1-5%! You can save up your rewards and use them for your own move or gift them to your next client! With your priority moving account you can also contribute to moving funds as you desire for any of your clients.

The Details

*Some exceptions apply. Interstate moves, car shipments as well as if the move is to a location where there is not a lot of relocation services available.

**Credit can be used right away.  If subscription is canceled before 90 days, the $100 will be charged back.